New: DJ Caruso talks Y: The Last Man

While he’s putting the finishing touches to the Shia LaBeouf-starring thriller Eagle Eye, director DJ Caruso has been chatting up the prospects for the film he wants to make next.

He’s been planning to adapt Brian K Vaughn’s beloved (and rightly so) graphic novel series Y: The Last Man for a while now. The story, for those who don’t know, follows smart-alec wannabe escape artist Yorick Brown on an epic adventure when he and his capuchin monkey, Ampersand become the last male mammals on Earth after a mysterious plague wipes out everyone else with a Y chromosome.

According to Caruso, it may now find a home at Warners following the company sucking New Line into itself like shuttles get swallowed in Moonraker. Writer Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia) is close to finishing a draft of the script and Caruso has big plans. “I definitely see it as a trilogy. I see the first movie pick up six weeks after the incident then progressing down only a five or six week journey from that point on until the end of the first movie,” he tells Slash Film in an interview .

And despite the long, hectic shoot of Eagle Eye, it still seems as though LaBeouf wants to be in it… Providing Caruso lets him have a rest in between films. Y doesn’t have a green light yet, but Caruso is planning to have it ready for summer 2010. Having devoured the comics, all we can say is do it justice! Click the link for more.