New Deathloop gameplay gives us a look at the weapons

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A new Deathloop gameplay clip has emerged, giving us our best look yet at the weapons you'll be using in Arkane's new action game.

In the video below from Game Informer, you can see a complete overview of the various weapons featured in Deathloop. There's the like of the brutal machete, a rifle called the PT-6 Spiker, a heavy rifle called the Strelak 50-50, a shotgun dubbed the Heritage Gun, and an SMG named the LIMP-10, among others. We can also see a strange dash ability at work, not unlike the Blink ability from Dishonored, where the protagonist could teleport forward a few meters at a time.

It's these weapons that we'll be using as protagonist Colt, as we hunt down members of a cult on the island of Blackreef, attempting to end the time loop cycle once and for all. We imagine some of these weapons will be employed by Julianna, the assassin hired by the cult who's coming after Colt in each time loop, and who we've seen murdering our protagonist in a fair few brutal ways in past gameplay segments.

This is our second recent look at Deathloop gameplay. Earlier this month, a similar clip was published online by developer Arkane, giving us our best look yet at the sort of areas we'll be encountering on the mysterious island. If the trailer song left you wanting more, then good news, because it's now on Spotify for you to put on repeat until Arkane's game launches later this year.

Speaking of, we'll finally be able to play Deathloop for ourselves on May 21, when it launches as a PS5 exclusive. For the game's cheapest price point for multiple regions around the world, head over to our Deathloop pre-order guide for a list of all the various bonuses you can obtain for Colt.

If it's a list of all the other exclusive PS5 games that are launching at some point later this year you're after, you can check out our full upcoming PS5 games guide for more.

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