New co-op and multiplayer maps for Ace Combat 6

Ace Combat 6 has seen steady DLC ever since its release late last year. Up until now, however, most of that content has been in the form of decal or paint changes to existing planes. Today we can confirm four new downloadable maps will arrive on February 28, plus five new sky-splitting jets. Here it is straight from Namco:

F-117A Night Hawk – General Emblem (Free): An international conglomerate featured in Ace Combat 3, General Resource has used its access to the world’s most powerful corporations to imbue this aircraft with increased attack power.

Mirage2000-5 – Advanced (200 Microsoft Points): Reduced armor and improved engine thrust have resulted in an aircraft with advanced handling and acceleration characteristics.

Su-33 Flanker – Crimson Wing (200 Microsoft Points): A fighter plane modified for air shows and exhibition performances, this aircraft is equipped with colored smoke missiles An increased missile payload and accelerated reload capabilities have been added for enhanced performance capabilities.

F-15E Strike Eagle – The Idolmaster Chihaya (400 Microsoft Points): While a little hard to handle when it’s in a bad mood, this plane’s talent is undeniable. Keep your head up, spread your wings and take to the skies!

Razgriz Set – Contains F-16C Fighting Falcon, F-2A, Su-33 Flanker and Rafale M (400 Microsoft Points): This set of four planes bears the emblem of the Razgriz squadron, the heroes of Ace Combat 5. Each plane is accentuated with advanced durability to ensure the survival of all squad members in even the most hostile missions.

That's good news for longtime fans, eh? Shout-outs to Ace 3 and 5, two excellent additions to the series (even if the former did arrive too late into the PlayStation's life cycle). As for new levels, there's one for each type of play. Deets on the next page.

Brett Elston

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