New Catherine gameplay details include texting, a drunkenness meter

Additional reporting by GamesRadar staff

Atlus has continued its all-too-insufficient morphine drip of information on Catherine with a few new gameplay details. The most recent update to the game%26rsquo;s official site is the first update to include details on anything remotely interactive.

The game%26rsquo;s protagonist, Vincent, can visit Stray Sheep, a neighborhood bar, where he%26rsquo;ll send and receive texts and e-mails from his friends and acquaintances. The player can choose how Vincent replies to these mails.

More recently, Famitsu posted some new information about the Vincent%26rsquo;s blood alcohol level. The meter on the left side of the screenshot belowindicateshis drunkenness. Getting drunk at Stray Sheep will speed up his dreams later that night, which is apparently a good thing (based on the look of that eye-boob monster, we'd say so).

Atlus has not yet announced North American or European release dates, but we hope that successin Japanwill lead to a Western release, becauseCatherine looks to be brimming with a lovely brand ofcrazy. Eye-boob monster crazy.

Nov 17, 2010

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