New Bulletstorm screens are pretty bad-ass

A few weeks ago, Epic announced Bulletstorm, a new Unreal-engine game being developed by People Can Fly. It's an intergalactic revenge story on a mutant-infested paradise planet, and it rewards kick-ass, creative kills. Now that we've seen some visuals, we can say: Yes, that is what it looks like.

Above: What it looks like

The game was criticized for likely being "just like Gears of War," and the screens do have a Gears-ey look to them, but the same could be said for most Unreal-engine games. The colorful foliage suggests a prettier environment to defile, and the "skill shot" kills remind us of The Club... and there's a little Crackdown-ness to it too.Plus, as we mentioned when the game was announced, we totally dig any sci-fi shooter that doesn't make us play as another damn space marine. And does it not look bad-ass?

Above: Looks pretty badass to us

But, as always, our optimism is just optimism until we play the game.

Apr 30, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer