New BioShock plasmids this week

Dec 3, 2007

The PC and Xbox 360 versions will be patched this week, says the game's official site, and new download content in the form of extra plasmids and gene tonics.

"Both the BioShock PC Patch and the 360 Title Update will be available next week," says the Cult of Rapture official site.

"In addition to these fixes, we will be releasing downloadable content free on both Xbox Live and for the PC, with the DLC bundled into the PC Patch."

The site doesn't go into detail on what extra goodies can be expected in the DLC, but we've heard that brand new plasmids - such as a splicer-flinging Sonic Blast and a Vampire-like trick - and new gene tonics will be included.

Full details will be on theCult of Rapture as the patches go live and if you haven't already bought the full game (you nut case) read our gushing wordshere.

Courtesy of CVG