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New Avatar image online

A brand new image of Stephen Lang as the tough-as-nails Colonel Quaritch from Avatar has cropped up online.

The team over at MarketSaw, which has been feverishly following every news element about the movie, has the pic, which has Lang showing off some nifty - and heretofore unseen piece of deadly human kit in the form of a futuristic pistol.

We also get a closer look at the nasty-looking scars that rake one side of his face.

Oh, and the company behind a lot of 3D movie technology, RealD has promised that designer glasses - that you buy and bring with you to the cinema - will likely be coming to trendy stores before the release of Cameron's latest.

So you'll be able to go along looking fashionable, too. Because that's at the forefront of your mind when going to see a big sci-fi film, right?

[Source: MarketSaw ]

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