New Aliens vs Predator in development

Rebellion, the UK-based developer behind the PC classic Aliens vs Predator, is hard at work on a brand new ultra-gory series installment... on PSP.

The new game will be based on the upcoming movie sequel by 20th Century Fox, and going by the screenshots we've seen it looks like it's a third-person action game. More details are due in the UK Official PSP Magazine.

When we contacted Rebellion it refused to comment on the new AvP game, but added, "We're happy to be working with Sierra, but can't comment just yet in any more detail." We're still waiting for an official statement from Vivendi, but expect some kind of official announcement shortly.

Disappointingly there's no sign of the first-person PC sequel we were wishing for, though hopefully Rebellion will be able to re-capture the excellent multi-race mechanics of the original in the new handheld version.

Look for more details - and the first screenshots - soon.

August 8, 2007