Neversoft is making a Call of Duty game. Guitar-playing zombies on skateboards, here we come

Neversoft, the company famous for developing the Tony Hawk franchise and making loads of Guitar Hero games, is making an unannounced title in the Call of Duty series. Loads of new job roles are being advertised on the company's website, along with an official post saying:

Above: That guy IS making a blue plastic gun prop look mean. They speak the truth

Could Neversoft be in charge of making the Vita version that was so conspicuously absent from E3 despite being named at Sony's conference? We wouldn't bet against it. We also wouldn't bet against the game featuring a zombies mode where the zombies ride skateboards and attack you with guitars. In case you can't imagine what that would look like, we've mocked up a screenshot of the game for you:

Above: An idiot's impression of what Neversoft's Call Of Duty game might look like

We'd buy that for a dollar. Until we get official confirmation that it's actually a straight-laced war game, we're going to assume that we're absolutely correct and that Neversoft's Hero of Duty: Zombie Ops World Tour is going to be announced in a few weeks' time.

Source: Neversoft via Eurogamer

Justin Towell

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