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NES breathalyzer is the most awesome thing ever

Most of us who were alive in the early '90s can fondly remember the days when wewouldblow into our NES cartridges in a futile attempt to make them work. Now, that old pasttime has been turned into something very useful - a working breathalyzer that displays your level of drunkenness!

A new homebrew NES game calledDrunkenNEScomes complete with an NES-style cart to blow in, bringing back those old-school memories. The slot connects to a breathalyzer, which inputs information to the game. An on-screen animation then plays depending on the recorded blood-alcohol level.

For example, a "Getting started" ranking (1-2 drinks) nets you a picture of a cat with the caption, "Congrats! You party almost as hard as this kitten."

If you're buzzed, you get an appropriate animation of a buzzing bee with bottles of alcohol in each of its four 'hands.'

There's even a leaderboard to see just how much alcohol poisoning you can sustain before passing out.

Personally, I'd like to see this game submitted to the ESRB just to see what the ratings board would have to say about a game that actually requires players to consume alcohol in order to achieve all the animations.

We at GamesRadar do not condonedangerous levels of drinking, but we do like creative people who come up with awesome uses for old video game hardware. As always, drink responsibly.

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Mar 4, 2011