Need For Speed: Most Wanted speed camera locations guide

There are multiple blue and white Speed Cameras set up along the roads and highways in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. As you blow past each one speeding around Fairhaven, these cameras will take a snapshot of you and record the speed that you were travelling at as well as what vehicle you were driving at the time. Each time you pass a camera that you have already passed, it will tell you the previous speed as well as the latest so that you can try to improve upon your previous record. It will also tell you the speeds and vehicles of your friends if when they have passed the same camera already.

The more cameras you find and set speeds on, the more of a chance you will have to retain a high speed on at least one camera. There are 66 cameras spread out over the city and countryside and most can be found just by doing races, but for those that you may be having troubles finding, we have put their locations on the map below. You’ll also nab yourself the “Cameraman” achievement and/or trophy for your troubles.

Here is a map showing the location of all camera locations:

Click to enlarge map.

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