NBA 2K14 - 50+ hours of fresh commentary EVERY year

One of the standout features of any NBA 2K game is its commentary. Each year, the dialogue between Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg and Steve Kerr not only perfectly reflects what's happening on court--with an impressive lack of repetition--but it often predicts the decisions you're going to make, and the tactics you're considering employing. How does it get that good? The answer is 'studio time'. Plenty of it.

A new NBA 2K14 video interview with Steve Kerr reveals that the NBA legend spends between 40-50 hours in the recording studio every year, recording fresh dialogue and soundbites. That's one commentator, recording 50 hours of fresh voice-over for each game. Given the frequent repetition in her sideline reporting, we're guessing Doris Burke only spends a fraction of that time in studio.

Kerr also goes on to reveal that fans have often contacted him to question his tactical analysis of games, and to say that friends have mistaken his voice recording for Kerr actually being in the room with them. We find the former claim easy to believe, the latter difficult... You can watch the full video over at Bleacher Report.

NBA 2K14 is due this October on current-gen consoles and PC, and will release later in the year on Xbox One and PS4. 2012/13 MVP LeBron James is the cover star, and Euroleague basketball teams will appear for this first time this year. everything we know about NBA 2K14.

Andy Hartup