Nathan Fillion back on UK television

Okay, it's not SF, but any excuse to look at Nathan Fillion, right? Police drama Castle is coming to Alibi next week

We all know him from Firefly, Serenity, Doctor Horrible and season seven of Buffy - Nathan Fillion has more than a few genre fans. But he also stars as the eponymous Richard Castle, a mystery novelist who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes. Starting next week, Castle is going to be broadcast in the UK 9pm on Wednesdays on the Alibi channel (Sky 132, Virgin 130), and we thought this might be worth flagging up to our readers in case they're hankering for a Fillion dose.

Castle mixes classic amateur sleuthing and Moonlighting-style sexual chemistry, and you can find out more and see clips at (there's also a Facebook page , apparently).