Natalie Portman on for Thor

Marvel Studios has announced that Natalie Portman will play love interest Jane Foster in Thor.

In the comics, Jane Foster is a nurse for Thor's alter ego Donald Blake. In a grand display of unprofessionalism, she falls in love with him.

The matters are also complicated by him being a superhero and all.

It looks like Branagh is steering his movie down similar waters. According to today's press release, the film will tell the story of The Mighty Thor (Chris Helmsworth), an arrogant sod whose reckless actions spark a war in the realm of Asgard.

He’s cast down to Earth to learn from his mistakes and live among humans, where he meets nurse Jane.

But he then has to protect humanity from the forces of Asgard’s darkest villain, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who is intent on destroying the Earth-bound warrior.

Kenneth Branagh’s gearing up to shoot the film for a may 2011 release date.

[Source: Comic Book Resources ]

What do you think, Thor fans? Like the idea of Portman as Jane?

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