Napoleon Dynamite game coming to PSP and DS

Perhaps not at the top of the list, but probably on the list, of movies that should... err, could be made into videogames is Napoleon Dynamite. We still have little information on how this insta-cult movie is being adapted for handheld gaming systems, but given the- not misplaced- dedication of Napoleon fans, we can see how it could be a good idea.

The game will feature the sweet characters from the movie including Napoleon, Uncle Rico, Pedro, Kip and... Tina the llama!At least one game's giving llamas their time in the limelight. Beyond just sharing characters, "fans of the movie will really like the game," said Mark Burke, senior VP of product planning and business development at Crave-the game is based on the movie after all.

For now that's all we know for sure.Our guess is that the game has quite a bit to do with Napoleon's brutal adventure hunting wolverines in Alaska, or it could push your dancing skills to the max with an awesome dance simulator. If not that, it's aboutUncle Rico using his internet time traveling device to get a second shot at the state championship and eternal glory, and Tina could… umm… do llama stuff. We have no idea what this game will be about.

May 10, 2007