Nanostray 2

Dec 3, 2007

Say what you will about theoriginal Nanostray, it was a cut above your average shooter and a worthy successor to all those side-scrolling, intergalactic assaults Shin'en has lovingly bestowed on us in the past. Similar to more "recent" classics like Einhänder (if you can call a game released a decade ago recent), you get to select the class and position of a variety of weapons (lasers, mines, Ionblaster: you get the idea) as your 3-D ship blasts across an otherworldly, 2-D landscape. We dug it. And a lot of you did, too.

Even still, it left a lot of us with some gripes.So if you posted on any messageboard, anywhere, as to the first game's shortcomings,rest assured: Someone listened. First off, a classic control scheme has arrived in Nanostray 2. No more AWOL thumbs, stretching to switch weapons while leaving the turrets unmanned. Sure, you can use the stylus/touch screen, but Nanostray's intended audience will doubtlessly stick with the tried and true familiarity found inthe buttons and D-pad.

You can happily fire away while adjusting the position of your primary weapons with the help on the left and right shoulder buttons. Great news, if you're the type that hates to let anything avert your deadly gaze during Arcade and Adventure modes. But the gun's positionis really put to the test in32 new goal-based Challenge modes.