Nanostray 2

Nanostray 2 has also chosen a less disorienting perspective this time around -twoof them, in fact.Levels cycles between a more traditional, straight-up side-scrolling presentation, as well as a vertical God's eye view. As you might expect, these levels are incredibly intense. Not impossible mind you, but Nanostray throws a relentless barrage of enemies at you in each mission, then punctuates the mayhem with two unique boss battles per stage. It ain't easy, but simplicity isn't what's kept this genre alive and kicking for more than twenty years, now is it?

Above: Challenge mode (left) and Simulation mode (right)

Challenge modes get brutal fast, and you'll have to complete them to open up minigame laced Simulation mode. Nanostray 2's main game, now with an inconsequential plot involving a fight against a deadly universal virus, is crammed with plenty of replay value and high score potential. If you think you're a regular Spaceman Spiffy, prove it -by uploading your score to an online leader board for definitive bragging rights.

The throttle-happy, plasma junkies out there have a fairly immense and hardcore experience to look forward to. Plus the added co-op, and single cart two-player duels could extend Nanostray 2's longevity even further into the infinitebeyond.