Namco schtum on Soul Calibur IV

Thursday 22 June 2006
Recent reports of Soul Calibur IV being in development at Namco remain unconfirmed after a company representative told us that "the SC team has been looking into projects after the completion of Soul Calibur III on PS2, but the next project for the team has not yet been confirmed".

Stories of a fourth instalment to the soul-seeking series began circulating after Bandai Namco producer Daisuke Uchiyama said in an interview with GameDaily that, when the merger between Bandai and Namco was finalised last year, a new Soul Calibur game was already in the works.

Many people interpreted this as confirmation that Soul Calibur IV was in development, despite Uchiyama mentioning only the series and not any specific title. While this is a fair assumption to make - Soul Calibur IV is almost certainly a question of 'when' rather than 'if' - Uchiyama could simply have been referring to Soul Calibur III, which was released after the Bandai Namco merger, or another, yet-to-be-announced Soul Calibur title.

So, until Namco decides to reveal the Soul Calibur team's next project, whether Uchiyama did indeed let something slip remains open to debate.

Matt Cundy
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