Namco Bandai announces release-date slippage for Inversion

Inversion, Namco Bandai's gravity-bending shooter originally intended for a 2010 release, has hit another delay which will prevent the game making its revised street date. The title was most recently set to debut on Feb 7, but “additional development time” will see developer Saber Interactive “polish several key aspects of the game ensuring Inversion is of the highest quality,” says the publisher.

Now set for an “early 2012” release, Inversion still hasn't managed to claim the title of longest-delayed gravity-based shooting title. 3D Realms' Prey, from which Inversion looks to take more than a few cues, was first announced in 1995 with a planned release in the N64 era; the game didn't see release until 2006. In comparison, Inversion's delays are a mere trifle – and if more development time is what's needed to bring out the potential we saw in our most recent preview, so be it.