Mysterious sci-fi action game Lifeless Planet opens $10 pre-orders

Pre-orders are open for Lifeless Planet, a cinematic sci-fi adventure game from indie developer Stage 2. If enough of orders are placed, the game will actually be created. That might sound a strange, but it's because the indie team is working with Kickstarter, a website that helps creative projects find funding through a pledge system. Anyone who volunteers to give even $10 to the Lifeless Planet development team will receive a copy of the game (and a spot in the credits) when it's released. To get an idea of what Lifeless Planet might be, check out the trailer.

Lifeless Planet begins with a skeptical astronaut sent to investigate life on a planet 20 lightyears from Earth. He crashes to the planet's surface and begins to suspect that there is something seriously wrong (besides the crash). Finding an abandoned Russian space station it becomes clear that the Russians are winning the space race. But where did they go?

Lifeless Planet Trailer 1 from David Board on Vimeo.

If you're interested, there are still 32 days left to help Lifeless Planet reach its $8,500 goal. You can donate at Anyone who gives more than $25 will receive extra rewards, from the sweet t-shirt at the $60 level to a spot on the development team as a producer at the $1,000 level. Right now the game is scheduled to come out for PC in July of 2012, but if the funding goal is exceeded it may be ported to iOS, Android, and even Xbox 360. Of course this all depends on you.

Sep 21, 2011