Myers Is Mitty

It’s the sort of film that has wandered through the various realms of Hollywood development, attracting directors like Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg, and actors ranging from Jim Carrey to Owen Wilson. But remaking 1947’s The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty has always somehow eluded the studios.

But now 20th Century Fox is hoping that Mike Myers is the man who take on the mantle once held by Danny Kaye, and that Simpsons veteran Jay Kogen will write a script that actually sees the film step in front of cameras.

Based on a short story by James Thurber, Mitty tells the tale of a man who retreats into daydreams to avoid his boring every day life. Kogen will get busy tailoring a script around Myers’ particular skills, so expect a lot of gurning characters and possibly some latex.

However, before it can even really consider getting going, it’ll have to join the crowded shuffle for his time – the former (and possibly future) Austin Powers has The Love Guru ready to roll, while How To Survive A Robot Uprising and a Keith Moon biopic are already competing for schedule time. First one with a workable script wins!