Murder Inc. is coming back to comics thanks to Dark Horse and Brian Michael Bendis's Jinxworld

Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose #1 comic cover with cropped image of protagonist and antagonist
(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

Murder Inc. is back! From the acclaimed writer of Alias and Jinx, Brian Michael Bendis, and the artist behind The Victories and B.P.R.D., Michael Avon Oeming, comes a new chapter in their acclaimed and Eisner-award winning series that began with The United States of Murder Inc. A collaborative effort between publisher Dark Horse and Bendis’s own Jinxworld imprint, Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose brings readers back into a world of much-beloved world of desperation and depravity.

The Murder Inc. saga is an alternate history in which organized crime never waned in power in the United States. Five crime families have turned most of the country into a gangster’s paradise, with clan loyalty the only virtue to speak of. Thievery, addiction, and of course, murder are the norms of the day, and the only law is the law of survival.

You can check out the cover for Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose #1 below:

Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose #1 comic cover featuring protagonist and antagonist

(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

Announced in a recent Dark Horse press release, Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose follows Valentine Gallo and the titular Jagger Rose, two enterprising criminals and members of the Bonavese family who seek to elevate their status in the haven of vice that is the modern US. Their ambitions will take them on an emotional and physical journey, from the gutters of urban America to the Vatican itself.

Along with Bendis and Oeming, Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose will feature Hugo-nominated colorist Taki Soma, known for comics like Rapture and Bitch Planet. The first of six issues sneaks into comic stores May 10, 2023, and is available to preorder now.

With Murder Inc. headed back to comic shops, crime comics continue their march into a new Golden Age, with titles like Reckless and The Good Asian scoring critical praise and sales numbers alike. For all the latest news on what’s good (and evil) in crime comics, keep an eye on Newsarama.

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