MultiVersus, the fighting game where Shaggy can fight Batman, is relaunching in May with updated netcode after it abruptly disappeared last year

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Warner Bros. fighting game MultiVersus is relaunching later this year on May 28, after it was taken down following an extensive open beta last year.

Announced just earlier today, March 11, MultiVersus will return to PC and consoles alike later this year on May 28. It's got a brand new game engine to boot: the new-gen Unreal Engine 5. It's also launching with netcode, a headline-grabbing feature sure to please fighting game players worldwide with better online connections.

"The team has heard your feedback, we've learned a lot from our open beta," MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh says in the announcement video for MultiVersus' return just above. "From day one, we set out to make a game that not only packs a punch, but makes a mark on the game genre we love," the game director continues.

There's even a brand new PvE mode to come in MultiVerus at launch in May, and it contains its own in-game rewards, which Huynh and WB aren't disclosing just yet. Perhaps this could be something akin to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light single-player mode. There's nothing to suggest that this is a 'story' mode, though, so don't expect a beefy Tekken campaign.

MultiVersus is effectively returning to platforms over a year after it was delisted and pulled offline back in April 2023. In all fairness, the game's original launch was always billed as an 'open beta' of sorts, which was admittedly easy to forget as the beta stretched on into the months, making its eventual delisting all the more shocking for players.

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