A motherlode of MTG March of the Machine spoilers just dropped

A fiery battlefield during the March of the Machine storyline, with Phyrexian soldiers clashing with armed resistance
(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

New cards for MTG March of the Machine have just dropped, showing off a wealth of new cards, five unique Commander decks, and artwork from the upcoming launch.

Ahead of the April 21 release date of MTG March of the Machine, publisher Wizards of the Coast has shown off more than 20 new cards for the finale of its Phyrexia storyline that began wrapping up with Phyrexia: All Will Be One. (A story which has claimed more than a few fan-favorite heroes so far.) You can see all of these reveals below, including both standard and foil cards.

In the press release, Wizards describes March of the Machines as "a battle for the Multiverse, and opening a pack should feel like you're catching visions of planes from all over. A first look at Booster Fun treatments reveals that we've included both characters from around the Multiverse and revisited borders and special treatments from past sets."

Following on from this, a smaller, Standard-legal 50-card set called 'March of the Machine: The Aftermath' will launch to show off what happens after the main event. This will shed light on which characters live, die, and get "a happily ever after," so it doesn't look like we'll be going back to the old status quo with a hand-wavy finale. This "set for those invested in the story, the characters, and what comes next" will join the best card games on shelves as five-card booster packs.

We also found out more about the set's Commander decks. There are going to be five in total, and they bring back Planechase - a multiplayer supplement allowing players to hop from one plane to another, "with the rules changing based on where your battle is currently taking place." You'll get ten Planechase cards in each Commander deck, five of which are new and five being reprints.

Rounding out the reveals is 'Multiverse Legends,' a "non-Standard-legal bonus sheet like the Mystical Archive from Strixhaven: School of Mages or the retro artifacts of The Brothers' War." It'll feature reprints of characters in their home planes' 'Booster Fun' treatment, which will provide some comfort if the character in question has been unceremoniously bumped off during March of the Machine.

We now have a set of dates for all March of the Machine reveals, too. You can see them right here.

  • March 16-19: March of the Machine story
  • March 29: Set debut, cinematic trailer, and previews begin
  • March 29-April 4: Card previews
  • April 5: Complete card image galleries revealed
  • April 14–20: In-Store Pre-release Events
  • April 18: MTG Arena and Magic Online Digital Release
  • April 21: Global Tabletop Release
  • May 1: March of the Machine: The Aftermath story
  • May 2-3: March of the Machine: The Aftermath previews

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