Ms. Marvel solves a mystery with Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Venom this summer

Ms. Marvel & Venom #1
Ms. Marvel & Venom #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following her MCU debut on Disney Plus, Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan will team up with three of Marvel's toughest heroes to solve a dangerous mystery: Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Venom. 

Originally slated for release in July, this series of oversized one-shots will hit shelves starting in August. Each one is written by Jody Houser, who will be joined by artist Zé Carlos for Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1, then Ibraim Roberson for Ms. Marvel & Moon Knight #1, and finally Dave Wachter for Ms. Marvel & Venom #1.

Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1 cover art by Mahmud Asrar (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Alongside new release dates and details for the upcoming crossover series, Marvel has teased that these one-shots will establish important details for Ms. Marvel's "next era," though the publisher isn't any more specific on that front. 

In Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1, the pair — who teamed up in one of Kamala's first adventures — will deal with a New York City-based threat that compromises Krakoan security. In addition to a script by Houser and interior art by Carlos, this issue will feature cover art by Sara Pichelli, Peach Momoko, and Mahmud Asrar.

Then in Ms. Marvel & Moon Knight #1, in which Kamala teams up with another recent MCU star, the pair face a literal life-or-death threat. Moon Knight protects night travelers, but when death arrives on his doorstep, he's forced to take action.

And finally, the three-part mystery plaguing Ms. Marvel will come to a close in Ms. Marvel & Venom #1. Venom is hunting, but he's also being hunted. Kamala and Dylan Brock team up to find out who's trying to harness the Venom symbiote, and discover a surprising connection between Venom, Moon Knight, and Wolverine.

In addition to writing by Houser and interior art by Roberson and Wachter, respectively, these issues will also feature cover art by Pichelli and Momoko.


According to writer Houser, it's no coincidence that Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Venom are some of the darker, more violent heroes of the Marvel Universe, as that's exactly the quality that Kamala Khan's youthful, heroic exuberance is meant to play off of.

"I'm thrilled to be back playing in the Marvel superhero sandbox, especially with a character as vital as Ms. Marvel," states Houser in the announcement. "Teaming her up with some of the darker heroes of the 616 shows just how bright her light really is."

Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1 will kick things off August 3, to be followed by Ms. Marvel & Moon Knight on August 17 and Ms. Marvel & Venom #1 on September 14.

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