Ms. Marvel spins into her own Spider-Man: The Dark Web tie-in

Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 cover excerpt
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Kamala Khan is about to get sucked into 'The Dark Web,' the new Spider-Man/X-Men crossover story launching later this year and running through Amazing Spider-Man and a series of tie-ins - including a newly announced Dark Web: Ms. Marvel two-issue limited series from Sabir Pirzada, one of the writers of the Disney Plus Ms. Marvel streaming series, and Francesco Mortarino, who Marvel's announcement bills as "your new favorite artist."

Here's a gallery of Mortarino's uncolored interior pages:

Described as "a bold and badass new vision of Ms. Marvel," the tie-in limited series spins out of Kamala Khan's recent internship at Oscorp, where Peter Parker has also recently taken a job - even though the company is of course run by his long time arch-enemy Norman Osborn.

"You know her, you love her! But this time, Kamala Khan may be in over her head," reads Marvel's solicitation text for Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1. "Fresh off her first few weeks working as an intern at Oscorp, Ms. Marvel finds herself as the last line of defense against a bunch of deadly and dangerous experiments going HAYWIRE thanks to the Spider-Epic Dark Web! Things get even WORSE when Kamala finds herself in LIMBO, with no choice but to fight her way out!" 

Along with working on the Ms. Marvel streaming series, Pirzada also wrote a short story featuring the character in the Marvel's Voices: Identity anthology one-shot.

"I could not be more thrilled to return to Kamala's world after writing her in Marvel's Voices: Identity and getting a chance to help introduce her to the small screen on Disney+," Pirzada states in the announcement. "This time around, Kamala's facing a new challenge: the dangers of Limbo! And a few familiar faces - friends and foes - are bound to make some surprise appearances on this adventure!”

For anyone not in the know, Limbo is an infernal, hellish alternate dimension of the Marvel Universe associated with characters such as Magik of the X-Men, Kang variant Immortus, and devilish schemer Belasco.

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Editor Devin Lewis also calls out the appearance of Kamala's family in the one-shot, no doubt appealing to fans of the Ms. Marvel streaming series, in which Kamala's comedic and heartwarming relationship with her family was central to the plot, as in comics.

"Sabir's work on this series is a TREAT THAT CANNOT BE MISSED! Set against the backdrop of the craziest Spider-Saga in years, Dark Web, his rendition of Kamala – with artist Francesco Mortarino – has so much damn heart that it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to root for her. Which is GREAT, because Kamala and her family are in the center of the action as Dark Web tears through the city, so she's going to need all the help she can get."

Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 goes on sale in December with a cover from Marco Checchetto, seen here. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel Comics' full December 2022 solicitations, coming later this month.

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