There's a clue hidden in Amazon's Mr. and Mrs. Smith that might solve that brutal ending

Mr and Mrs Smith
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Mr. and Mrs. Smith has been a runaway success for Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video, topping their charts and landing rave reviews. Based loosely on the premise of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie of the same name, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine play married spies in the 8-part drama.

Things don’t always go as planned in the new thriller either, which we see play out dramatically in its finale. But before we go any further into that, take this as your spoiler warning: we’re getting into big reveals from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith ending from here on out, so make sure you’ve seen it.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith ending explained: Are Jane and John dead?

Mr and Mrs Smith

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Still here? Well then you’ll know that the final episode of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 'A Breakup' sees John and Jane at war with one another. After Jane has been told to "terminate her Smith", and believes that John has been told the same, the pair spend their final hour shooting at each other.

However, when Jane realizes that John isn’t actually the one trying to murder her, the pair take truth serum to get into some home truths about their relationship. Unfortunately, just as they work out that they’re both on the same side, Parker Posey’s Jane and Wagner Moura’s John arrive at their front door. 

Turns out, their 'super high risk' status comes from killing other Smiths, and Glover’s John and Erskine’s Jane are next on their list. The pair manage to blind Moura’s John and make it to the safe room, but Glover’s John is bleeding out from a gunshot wound. As Posey’s Jane waits outside, Erskine’s Jane reveals she only has one bullet to try and kill her. The series ends without us seeing how this goes down, as viewers watch from street level as three gunshots fire out.

So are Jane and John dead? Will there be a second season? Just what the hell is going on? Well, while the show’s co-creator Francesca Sloane has said she wants it to remain ambiguous, one viewer thinks that they’ve worked out exactly what happened, and it’s all down to the spacing between the gunshots.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Reddit user Meb2x suggested that the gap between the first two bullets and the third suggests that, "Jane 2 [that’s Posey’s Jane] fired two bullets when the door opened but Jane 1 [Erskine’s Jane] hid and fired her last bullet killing Jane 2."

This theory is helped by the fact that you see flashes through the window for all of the bullets, which means all three shots must have happened in the hallway. If this is the case, none of them took place in the panic room, meaning that Glover’s John wasn’t shot at all. And really, even though he was almost dead, wouldn't Posey's Jane have made sure he was killed?

That’s not all. There’s another big theory too, which links back to the first episode. The cold open for the show sees Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González’s John and Jane on the run before they’re brutally gunned down at their home by two figures. One viewer has suggested this may be our John and Jane, who are now working in the 'super high risk' field, killing other Smiths. 

"No one remembers the first episode where they snipped and killed those two people, possibly Smiths," they wrote. "That might have been a flash forward to them now being the high-risk closers?" That’s certainly an intriguing idea, although others simply think that the killers there were Posey’s and Moura’s Smiths.

Let’s just hope news of a season 2 renewal is on the way to answer all of our questions. In the meantime, here are our guides to the best Amazon shows and the best Amazon movies to stream now.

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