Movies That Matter

You may have noticed a regular two-page article in SFX devoted to a classic movie, or cluster of movies, from the Warner Brothers catalogue. It's called Movies That Matter , and it's there... well, because Warner paid us . But also its job is to highlight some of the most iconic SF, fantasy and horror flicks available, and we know that it has been a popular read for many of our readers.

And now Warner has launched a new site to support its Movies That Matter promotion. You can find it at . It's a database containing all the best films it's ever created, with trailers and trivia, and a cool device that helps you choose a movie as a gift. Amazingly, it did actually manage to pick my mother's favourite movie (Gone With The Wind) when I clicked on all the parameters first time - proof positive that it does work.

Hey, there's a widgety thing too! Use this to get started finding your own gift:

And it is a pretty smart collection, featuring classics by top directors and starring the biggest names of cinema, with 176 Academy Award nominations between them and 64 Oscar wins. There are several titles for SF and fantasy fans in Warner's back catalogue, including favourites like 2001, THX 1138 and A Clockwork Orange.

As you can see from the widget above, the site also features a number of articles, summaries and reviews from our sister magazine Total Film, as well as a digital e-zine where you can read about the Warner range and watch little clips. Technology's fab isn't it?

Look out for more promotional features brought to you by the Movies That Matter people at Warner Brothers every month in SFX magazine.

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