MotorStorm - updated hands-on

If you own a PS3, you've probably spent plenty of time tearing around Rain God Mesa on the MotorStorm demo. Sony has since revealed two more tracks for our enjoyment,andwhile they all have the underlying theme of rocks, jumps, and dirt, they're distinct in their variety. For starters, the perilous cliffs that defined the mesa won't be constantly and menacingly looming at trackside; the two new environments are more valley-centric, and really open up the area for exploration.

In these branching tracks, there's generally one side for smaller, swifter vehicles to fly through the air on, while the other is for rumbling gas-guzzlers to tear up the desert floor. That doesn't mean you can't take your tow truck over a big-ass jump, however. Just look before you leap, as massive boulders are often "conveniently" placed at typical ramp landing sites, offering some of the most spectacular crash scenes in the game.