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Motorcade finds a director

After plunging it back into development once Tom Cruise stopped considering it, DreamWorks is hauling presidential thriller Motorcade out of the mire for 24's Jon Cassar to direct.

The film, which finds a disgraced secret service agent the only man who can help when the president is kidnapped in New York, originally had Len Wiseman attached behind the camera.

But once Cruise ditched, he left too, and the studio currently wants Ryan Reynolds to take up the starring role. They've yet to get an answer from him, and he's fairly booked up at any rate, what with preparing to make Green Lantern next year.

Cassar meanwhile, seems like a solid choice for a clock-ticking thriller considering he's spent the last few years putting Jack Bauer through his paces and has recently left the show to kickstart his film career.

[Source: Variety ]

Would you cast Reynolds? If not, who else is right?