Motion-controlled puppets coming to Kinect in The Gunstringer

Kinect can be used for a lot of things, but the epic adventure of an undead puppet cowboy is by far the best motion control idea we've heard so far. Twisted Pixel's next game, The Gunstringer, is just that, and its announcement comes in trailer form:

The story is as intriguing as the ambitious controller-free gameplay - you're a zombie puppet, who also happens to be a cowboy, and your goal is to take revenge against the evil puppets that killed you in the first place. How did Twisted Pixel come to this idea? Well, it just seems obvious once explained.

“Puppets are just something I’ve always loved,” said Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford. “What makes games great is that they are such a collaborative process. I have over three hundred puppets in my basement, and Bill Muehl, our Game Director, collects Western landscape photography. Oh, and of course we have Dan Teasdale, our Design Lead, whose family was brutally murdered by drug lords when he was a child, and who’s been on a mission of vengeance ever since.”

Looks cool, right? But what if you really hate Kinect because you have to stand up and exert energy? Good news! The game was developed specifically so players would be able to play it while sitting down. Which is how it should be. Exercise... psh.

Feb 2, 2011