Mortal Shell DLC The Virtuous Cycle will be free for a few days after launch

Mortal Shell
(Image credit: Cold Symmetry)

Mortal Shell's first expansion, The Virtuous Cycle, will be free to download for a few days after it launches.

Starting at launch on Wednesday, August 18 and running until August 23, players who own Mortal Shell will be able to snag The Virtuous Cycle DLC completely free of charge. This is in celebration of the Soulsborne-inspired action-RPG's one year anniversary this week.

Developer Cold Symmetry describes The Virtuous Cycle DLC as a "roguelike expansion." The update adds a new mode with procedurally generated environments to ensure that no two runs are ever the same. In typical rogelike fashion, you can take advantage of upgrade pillars scattered across the world to customize your character progression as you go. The Virtuous Cycle DLC adds more than 100 upgrades, from exotic weapon enhancements to entirely new maneuvers.

The Virtuous Cycle also adds Mortal Shell's fifth playable character. You can take control of Hadern in the main Mortal Shell campaign as well as the upcoming Virtuous Cycle DLC. The newest playable Shell has a unique skill tree where you'll be able to unlock talents including dagger mastery and Hadern's ability to absorb punishment.

Finally, there's a new transforming weapon coming to Mortal Shell in The Virtuous Cycle DLC. The aptly named Axatana has the ability to act as a supreme heavy axe and then detach into lightning-fast dual katanas to suit different situations. Better yet, each stance comes with its own set of unique moves, allowing you to change up your playstyle to better counteract different enemies and environments.

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