Mortal Kombat X gets the Xenomorph, Leatherface, and a few old favourites

Gore. Gore never changes

But rosters do. Quite frequently in the case of Mortal Kombat X. Despite already having one of the most geek-pleasing line ups in all of fighting games - what with its Predators and Jasons standing side-by-side with the likes of Sonya, Goro and D'Vora - its new batch of four DLC characters, due in early 2016, is scaling things up yet again, with four new additions who you totally can't guess from the above image.

Want the details? Of course you do. Click on, for those, and a run-down of the entire current roster to date.

The Xenomorph (due early 2016)

Okay, it might look weirdly hench, small of head, and move more like an actual human man that the original Alien did back when it was literally a human man in a suit, but the phallic-skulled nightmare should still make a great MKX fighter. Like the rest of the new DLC characters, we havent yet seen it in action, but expect speed, ferocity, leaps into close-range devastation, and wrist-blades. Because for some reason it now has wrist-blades. A rapidly-gestated chest-burster Fatality is a given too, surely?

Leatherface (due early 2016)

Because how many more 80s slasher movie killers are there left to include? Michael Myers? Chuckie? The Leprechaun? (actually, dont count that last one out) Either way, expect Leatherface to be in the heavy/powerful mould. Very much a hefty bruiser, with a bunch of charge-in moves, and a chainsaw that doesnt actually dismember anyone until its time for a finisher. Because that is the Mortal Kombat way.

Tri-Borg (due early 2016)

Now this s an interesting one. Seeming to combine MK3s cyber ninjas with Shang Tsungs old habit of borrowing other characters move-sets, Tri-Borg is a three-for-one deal on Sektor, Cyrax, and Robot Smoke. The teaser trailer (see below) distinctly shows him changing colour, so the smart money would be on this being a switch between characters hybrid rather than one comprising elements of all three move-lists.

Bo Rai Cho (due early 2016)

Yep, the literally drunken master is back, set to bring a distinctly juvenile, slapstick vibe to Mortal Komba oh what am I saying, hell fit right in. Explosive farts, tactical puke puddles, incendiary booze-swigs, weaponised belly-flops He fights like someone trained a frat party in martial arts, and then fed it cake for a month to keep its energy up.

The Predator

The Yautja hunter might seem a left-field choice, but he's actually perfectly suited to MK's fighting style. Blunt, brutal, and very, very bloody, his mixture of close-range, bladed beatdowns and multiple missile solutions - throwing disc and shoulder-cannon, take a bow - makes him as damnably effective and versatile as his species' sporting predilections demands. He also has a couple of very cool, unique, fan-pleasing specials in his arsenal, namely a snare for setting up dangling opponents for extra punishment, and a scaled-back version of his nuke-powered self-destruction sequence. He can even apply field-dressings for a health boost. Just like a great big bastard.


This Edenian warrior has come a long way since her debut in Mortal Kombat 4. Where once she was barely more memorable than 'another female palette swap', Tanya has proven her combat prowess working for big bads like Shinnok and Shao Kahn. Her three variations demonstrate her deadly versatility, utilizing a naginata staff, twin blades, or straight-up fireballs. Tanya's playstyle is remarkably tricky, with tons of hard-to-read attacks and zippy flip kicks. And here's a fun bit of trivia: she owes her name to Ed Boon's sister Tania (his other sister being Sonya, of course).

Jason Voorhees

No longer content with just killing pot-smoking, sexcapade-having teens, Jason Voorhees is bringing his iconic hockey mask and machete to the realm of MKX. He's not the only horror villain to make an appearance in the series (Freddy Krueger holds that honor in MK9), but Jason will be the first to have three variations, all aptly named: Slasher, Relentless, and Unstoppable. You can bet that at least one of his Fatalities will be a direct reference to his methods of onscreen slaughtering.

Kung Lao

After having a real rough go of things in MK9, Kung Lao is back in MKX - though saying how might be a bit of a spoiler. All you really need to know is that yes, his hat still has a bladed brim, and yes, Kung Lao loves to throw it at his opponents with impunity. He's one of the best rushdown characters out there, able to zoom in with a dive kick or teleport behind enemies who try to keep him at bay.


Gotcha! *Pow, pow, pow* Gotcha! *Pow, pow, pow* Gotcha! *Pow-pow-you get the idea. Fighting against Jax can be a really demoralizing experience as the man basically has a tool for every situation - from projectiles to that oh-so-catchy Gotcha! grab. Theres no escaping the guy. He can knock you down from the other end of the screen, and then propel himself forward and right into your personal space. After that, well, you know what comes next...

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