Predator stalks the killing fields of Mortal Kombat X on July 7

The galactic hunter known as the Predator will land amidst the Mortal Kombat X roster on July 7, Warner Bros. Interactive has announced. The intimidating alien is bringing all his famous gadgets and weapons, including the plasma shoulder-cannon, smart disc, combi-stick, and of course, signature wrist blades. Check out the official gameplay trailer - edited in the style of the original 1987 movie trailer - to see it all in action.

The Predator Bundle DLC will also include the Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and "Carl Weathers as Jax" skins. Players who've purchased the Kombat Pack season pass ($29.99/£24.99) will get first dibs on the kontent, while others must wait until July 14. Purchased separately, Predator will sell for $4.99/£3.99 while the skin pack will sell for $3.99/£3.29.

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Sam Prell

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