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More Xbox Series X pre-orders are opening for those who couldn't complete one through Xbox All Access

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is sending emails to people who tried to pre-order buy an Xbox Series X through the Xbox All Access program but failed to secure a console. According to the email, there is a "limited quantity" of Xbox Series X consoles reserved for those customers, presumably the ones who were approved for a line of credit.

As flagged by Wario64 on Twitter, Microsoft says there will be a follow-up email on or before October 19 and then a 72-hour window where you'll have another shot at completing your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S pre-order.

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Xbox All Access is Microsoft's answer to budget-minded shoppers looking to transition into next-gen without blowing a hole through their wallets. The subscription service gets you an Xbox Series X, as well as two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Xbox Live), for $35 a month or $25 a month for Xbox Series S. Without any upfront cost, it's certainly an attractive option, though first you need to be approved for the line of credit. It sounds like some folks who were approved still haven't been guaranteed an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S pre-order, which is why Microsoft is sending out these emails.

Some of the comments on the Twitter post above suggest not every customer who tried and failed to complete a pre-order through Xbox All Access got an email from Microsoft, and it's unclear exactly why that's the case. GamesRadar+ has reached out to Microsoft for comment, and we'll update this story if we get a response.

If you were able to secure your Xbox Series pre-order, congrats! Now check out the official Xbox Series X media remote and prepare to start obsessing over accessories.

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