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Official Xbox Series X media remote spotted on Amazon

(Image credit: Microsoft)

It looks like Xbox Series X is getting an officially licensed media remote at launch.

A listing on Amazon UK (opens in new tab) (as spotted by Gfinity Deals (opens in new tab)) points to a PDP Media Remote for Xbox One & Series X. The listing doesn't have an image attached, but it does have a release date of November 15 and a standard set of features, which includes a "traditional TV remote design" and "motion activated backlit buttons".

Even though we can't see the design of the new controller, it sounds a lot like the PDP Gaming Talon Media Remote (opens in new tab) which was already available for Xbox One (right down to the motion-activated backlit buttons). Microsoft has pledged to make the vast majority of Xbox One accessories compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so if you already have one you may not need to upgrade.

Even if you can't get a dedicated remote control at launch, the new Xbox app, which is available in beta now on Android, also works as a remote control. It replicates the function of the D-pad and buttons, so you could theoretically try to play a game on it, but you'd probably be better off sticking to Netflix.

Other new accessories coming for Xbox Series X include a redesigned controller, which will be available in three colors at launch, and an upgraded rechargeable battery. Xbox One has had some extremely good looking controllers this generation, so I'm eager to see what new looks Microsoft cooks up in the next one.

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Connor Sheridan
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