New Xbox app lets you set up your Xbox Series X faster and it's out on Android now

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An overhauled Xbox app will let you set up your Xbox Series X faster, and it's available in beta on Android now.

The new version of the app is built to be a natural extension of the Xbox ecosystem on your phone, starting with an easy set-up experience that puts your mobile device to work while your console is busy.

"So on day one you're gonna go get an Xbox Series X. And you're going to plug it in and it's gonna install an update, so you're gonna sit there and wait while this update installs," Xbox principal program manager Kristen Mann explained in a Microsoft podcast. "The thing you can do on your phone, is while that is happening, you can be signing in, connecting to the wifi, and really setting up your console so that when you land back after the update everything is already set up for you."

Beyond the initial setup, you'll also be able to use the app for interacting with your games and console more easily where it makes sense: "So you'll see a lot more things that we're trying to encourage you to use your phone for, instead of typing with your thumbs on the console on the controller, or God forbid using one of those keyboards that you have to click into your controller, if you remember those."

The app also includes Xbox remote play for all players. You no longer need to be an Xbox Insider to access the feature formerly known as Xbox Console Streaming - you can stream games right from your console to your Android device. It's similar in concept to cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, though it comes directly from your console instead of a cloud center, which could be better or worse depending on your current network conditions.

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