More Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull toys

We remember the days when Hollywood liked to keep the lid on their projects until they were, oh, we don't know, released . These days if they're not putting reams and reams of footage online, they're allowing toys with key plot details to leak early.

Not that we're complaining, it's all part of the fun for us, but some of you may want to look away now if you don't want to have the next Indy flick slightly spoiled.

Because if you go to Cool Toy Review and look closely enough at Hasbro's free toy tickets, you'll see that a) A relic long rumoured to make an appearance will turn up in Skull, b) the identity of a possible baddie and c) Indy rides a horse in the film.

All right, so maybe that last one wasn't much of a spoiler - but whatever happened to keeping these things secret?

Source: ( Cool Toy Review )