Monster Madness heads to PS3

Sept 12, 2007

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia didn't exactly set the world on fire on Xbox 360 and PC, but that hasn't stopped the game appearing on PS3.

The PS3 version's called Monster Madness: EX and is being developed by Psyonix as opposed to Artificial Studios which produced Battle for Suburbia. Both visual and gameplay improvements are promised, along with "tightened controls, a host of mini-games, a polished camera and newly built in extras."

Monster Madness: EX, like Battle for Suburbia, also features four-player co-op.

In the game - a quirky horror-shooter played from a top-down perspective - a group of teenagers are battling supernatural nasties in a typical slice of small-town American suburbia.

Monster Madness: EX has so far only been confirmed for North America where it releases in early 2008.

Above: We're interested to see if we can tell the difference between EX and this old shot from Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

Courtesy of CVG.