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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne ships 5 million worldwide

(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has shipped over 5 million copies.

First released on console last September and then on PC earlier this year, the Monster Hunter World paid-for expansion continued the story from the base game as well as introducing "a vast new area, new monsters, a new difficulty level and a new player mechanic". 

The franchise itself has clocked up 62 million sales since it first launched, with Monster Hunter World being the first game in Capcom history to pass 15 million lifetime sales.

Capcom's plans for the franchise go even further, though. In addition to the new mobile title Monster Hunter Riders which launched in February 2020, achieving more than 3 million downloads, Capcom said it "plans to carry out a number of initiatives to further cement the series' position as a global brand, such as with a Hollywood film adaptation of Monster Hunter, a first for the series, scheduled for a September 2020 release" (thanks, VGC).

As Austin covered previously, the PC version of the otherwise excellent expansion was marred by a save data error which could effectively delete player's characters. Capcom acknowledged this issue in a Steam blog post, confirming that "save data would not convert to the new file format if the save data and the game hadn't been updated after October 30, 2018, the day when Kulve Taroth had been added to the game via Title Update". A hot fix patch was later deployed to address the issue. 

Capcom shared the development roadmap for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne a little while back, confirming that content updates – which currently see console players get new content sooner than their PC pals – will "sync" from April this year.

Here's how to get the best out of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion.

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