Monster Hunter Rise includes a quote from Randy Savage's Spider-Man character

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise actually does feature a quote from Macho Man Randy Savage's Spider-Man character.

Just below, you can see a tweet that from Monster Hunter fan Renzo & Knuckles, picking up on the fact that one quest description in Monster Hunter Rise looked a lot like a line from Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie. This would be a line from Macho Man Randy Savage's character, who taunts Peter Parker, as he's forced into a cage match with the wrestler in one of his first outings as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

And now, you can check out the clip from the original Spider-Man movie for yourself. Once Spider-Man is pitted against Randy Savage in the brutal cage fight, you can pretty clearly hear the latter character utter the first two lines of the quest description just above, except with "three minutes of huntin' time," instead of 50 minutes (because that really would be silly). What's more, the quest-giver in the Monster Hunter Rise quest featured above is actually listed as an "up-and-coming wrestler," so someone at Capcom localization team clearly knew what they were doing.

Well, hats off to whoever it was at Capcom who clearly had Macho Man Randy Savage on the brain when they went to localize that quest description. Then again, who's to say the original Japanese description of the quest didn't quote a character from Spider-Man? After all, the Marvel character is pretty world-famous.

We can't wait to see what modders cook up when Monster Hunter Rise hits PC in 2022. Perhaps modders will actually put Macho Man Randy Savage in the game itself as a monster, or a playable hunter character. This wouldn't actually be the first time that Randy Savage has been transplanted into a game by a modding team: that honour belongs to Fallout 4, where modders replaced the Deathclaw model with the famed wrestler.

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