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Monday Link-A-Mania

Singer Wants X-Men Return
X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer confirmed this weekend that he’s been in talks to return to the X-Men film franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter Singer told journalists at South Korea's Pusan International Film Festival, “I'm still looking to possibly returning to the X-Men franchise. I've been talking to Fox about it. I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast." Singer left the X-Men films to direct Superman Returns, with Brett Ratner taking over directorial duties on X-Men: The Last Stand.

Star Trek 2 Not A Guantanamo Allegory
A few weeks back, thin internet was a-buzz with rumours that the sequel to JJ Abrams’ smash Trek movie was going to be a Guantanamo Bay allegory, but now scripters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are saying they only cited that as a possible example. In a great little interview over at Coming Soon (it's well worth reading the full thing) they reveal: "The Gitmo thing was just a for instance. We're not doing a story that is going to be about Guantanamo Bay. Now that we've established the characters we can have a more philosophical allegory where what is happening in the future represents, like the best versions in the '60s did it – represented women's rights, racial equality, and progressive issues. We're still just brainstorming internally and going to get together soon and bust our riffs out, see what happens, and start putting it together.”

Wanna Part In Thor? Are You Over Six Foot Two?
SpoilerTV has posted a casting call sheet for Kenneth Brannagh’s Thor which indicates that the film is looking people to play a race of warriors "where size, strength and ferocity define a member's rank in both the social and military hierarchy." To be in with a chance you must be six foot two or taller and be agreeable to prosthetics.

Chuck Could Be Back Sooner Than Expected
Originally, the third season of Chuck was scheduled to begin next March, but now that could all change. According to EW’s Mike Ausiello , NBC’s shows have been performing so poorly in the ratings this season, Chuck could be back into action earlier than expected – maybe as early as later this month. Apparently, “NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.” But if Ausiello is correct, and the show does come back earlier, does that mean season three could be extended beyond the 13 episodes currently commissioned?

Horny Dilemma
What do you do when you’re running out of Stephen King books to option as films? You option a book from his son instead. Warner Bros is already developing a film from his first book, Heart Shaped Box, and now Mandalay Pictures has picked up the rights to his second, Horns, which hasn’t even been published yet. It’s out in the US from William Morrow in February. According to Variety the story is about a 26-year-old man who wakes up one morning from a blackout hangover and finds horns sprouting out of his head. As the horns grow bigger by the day, the reason why seems to lie in the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.