Modern Warfare 3's graphics compared on Xbox 360 and... Wii?

Modern Warfare 3 is selling millions of copies, making billions of dollars, and breaking all sorts of entertainment industry records. Odds are you picked it up, too, adding to the games sales by buying the hit FPS for either the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC. But what you may not have known is that, despite not promoting it much, Activision had a version of the game made for the Wii, too, and, well, it looks a little bit different. We played through the explosive second mission of the game on both systems and put the footage together to show you how Modern Warfare's standard-definition option compares for those who don't own an HD system.

While it's easy to poke fun at the Wii version's sub-par visuals, there's another takeaway from this video: despite looking like a last-generation game, Modern Warfare 3's Wii version (at least that level) is nearly identical to the other versions when it comes to the actual content. Sure, it's in standard definition and has absurdly low-resolution textures, but it's even more surprising that the insane action of Modern Warfare 3 would work on the Wii without major cuts to the missions. It sort of makes it hard to believe whenever a developer makes a game on the PlayStation 3 and says that it's impossible to recreate it on the Xbox 360 – if Infinity Ward/Treyarch could make Call of Duty work the same on both with only cuts to the visuals, anything is possible.

Hollander Cooper

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