Modern Warfare 3's first DLC due in January

Modern Warfare 3's first DLC will release on Xbox 360 at the end of January, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling told CoD Elite members today. While the exact nature of the content hasn't been revealed yet, Bowling has hinted that rather than the simple standard maps-'n'-weapons loadout, players can expect variety in areas such as Spec Ops missions as well. Having said that, Bowling tweeted a glimpse at some of the DLC's new material today, and it's a Central Park-esque map simply titled Park:

Because of Microsoft/Activision's first-look deal, the download's January 24 date applies only to Xbox 360 players: PC and PS3 players get to wait another couple of weeks for the DLC. What with the game having monopolized players' time since release – and raked in earnings commensurate with such an achievement – we're sure another short stretch of making do with what's on the disc won't be the end of the world.