Modern Warfare 3: Weapons Proficiency trailer offers a new way of leveling-up

So obviously you're looking forward to taking Modern Warfare 3 online and shooting some punks, but obviously what you're really looking forward to is getting that sweet XP. This new clip explains a new layer to the game's multiplayer leveling system: besides facilitating your character's personal development, you can also help him grow as a gun-nut, with specific XP bars for each and every firearm in the game.

There's also new grenades, turrets and other treats hinted at here, but the meat of this clip's in the game's new take on weapons proficiency. Just like as if you were back in Secret of Mana, the new weapon-leveling system means more choice: swap guns often to build basic competency across the board, or build your guy into a stone-cold SMG-favoring killer liable to blow his own leg off if he ever scavenges a shotgun. Too different? Not different enough? Let's hear your wild speculations.

Oct 27, 2011