MLB The Show 20 player ratings: the best at every position

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At a sad time for baseball, MLB The Show 20 player ratings deliver a little bit of good news. While the real season has been delayed until May at the earliest, the digital one starts here - with all your favourites in the correct kits and stadiums. Below you’ll find the top ten players at every position in the game, according to the default rosters. This is your MLB The Show 20 player ratings guide…

Starting pitcher

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Jacob deGrom (Mets) 99
Max Scherzer (Nationals) 99
Justin Verlander (Astros) 94
Garrit Cole (Yankees) 93
Chris Sale (Red Sox) 93
Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) 92
Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) 91
Zack Greinke (Astros) 90
Walker Buehler (Dodgers) 90
Charlie Morton (Rays) 88
Shane Bieber (Indians) 88
Mike Clevinger (Indians) 88
Corey Kluber (Rangers) 88

Chris Sale nabbed top spot in this category last year - but he’s booted down to joint fourth in favour of Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander this time around. Scherzer’s key stats in addition to his 99 OVR include a 99 K/9 rating, plus 93 Stamina and 89 Control. His equal at the number one position, deGrom, boasts 98 Velocity, 93 Stamina and 92 K/9. Houston fans can meanwhile revel in Verlander’s 99 Break, 91 K/9 and 91 Stamina attributes.

Relief pitcher

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Seth Lugo (Mets) 85
Ryan Pressly (Astros) 84
Dan Winkler (Cubs) 84
Joakim Soria (Athletics) 83
Darren O’Day (Braves) 82
Will Harris (Nationals) 82
Dellin Betances (Mets) 82
Andrew Miller (Cardinals) 82
Chad Green (Yankees) 82
Tommy Kahnle (Yankees) 82

Andrew Miller has earned a reputation as the best middle reliever in baseball across recent seasons, but it’s not enough to score him a top-four spot in this list. Seth Lugo rules all: his 85 overall rating sits alongside scores of 97 Break, 83 Control, and 82 Velocity. He’s run close by Ryan Pressly (84 OVR; 96 Break, 94 Control, 90 K/9) and Dan Winkler (84 OVR; 86 Break, 85 K/9 and 84 H/9). 

Closing pitcher

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Kirby Yates (Padres) 90
Roberto Osuna (Astros) 89
Liam Hendriks (Athletics) 88
Aroldis Chapman (Yankees) 87
Ken Giles (Blue Jays) 87
Taylor Rogers (Twins) 85
Brandon Morrow (Cubs) 85
Kenley Jansen (Dodgers) 85
Will Smith (Braves) 84
Josh Hader (Brewers) 84
Giovanny Gallegos (Cardinals) 84

With 41 saves last season at an ERA of 1.19, Kirby Yates established himself as the best closer in baseball - and that’s reflected in a 90 overall rating, with individual stats of 99 Break, 99 K/9 and 93 H/9. Next man up is Astros’ ninth inning man Roberto Osuna, with 99 Break, 91 Velocity and 90 H/9, for an OVR of 89. Meanwhile last year’s top man, LA’s Kenley Jansen, suffers an astonishing slip in overall rating points: from 96 in MLB The Show 19, to a relatively modest 85 this year.

First baseman

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Freddie Freeman (Braves) 91
Pete Alonso (Mets) 89
Paul Goldschmidt (Cardinals) 89
Matt Olson (Athletics) 86
Max Muncy (Dodgers) 86
Anthony Rizzo (Cubs) 85
Carlos Santana (Indians) 85
Josh Bell (Pirates) 84
Jose Abreu (White Sox) 83
Joey Votto (Reds) 82

It’s a curiously mediocre year at what is traditionally baseball’s strongest position, slugger wise. Freddie Freeman rips the number one spot away from Paul Goldschmidt, the Atlanta bopper awarded scores of 90 Contact R, 81 Power R and 67 Vision for an OVR of 91. Goldy nonetheless holds his own, boasting 90 Power L, 80 Contact L, and 75 Reactions. Even so, the list makes you yearn for the days of prime Albert Pujols and David Ortiz slamming balls into the top tier. 

Second baseman

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Jose Altuve (Astros) 93
DJ LeMahieu (Yankees) 91
Whit Merrifield (Royals) 90
Ozzie Albies (Braves) 90
Jeff McNeil (Mets) 89
Gleyber Torres (Yankees) 89
Jonathan Villar (Marlins) 86
Kolten Wong (Cardinals) 86
Brandon Lowe (Rays) 85
David Fletcher (Angels) 84
Howie Kendrick (Nationals) 84

Now we’re talking. While first base was a disappointment, second base packs in a plentiful supply of talent, both at the plate and in the field. Altuve clings onto his first placing from MLB 19, with a 93 OVR, and individual scores of 95 Contact L, 90 Contact R, and 83 Vision. Behind him LeMahieu leaps from fifth last year to second this time out. In addition to a tantalising 91 OVR, he offers 99 Contact L, 84 Vision, and 97 Reaction.

Third baseman

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Nolan Arenado (Rockies) 99
Anthony Rendon (Angels) 95
Alex Bregman (Astros) 95
Matt Chapman (Athletics) 92
Kris Bryant (Cubs) 91
Eugenio Suarez (Reds) 91
Manny Machado (Padres) 90
Josh Donaldson (Twins) 89
Jose Ramirez (Indians) 88
Justin Turner (Dodgers) 86

Miracle of miracles: after scoring an OVR of 98 last year, Rockies superman Nolan Arenado somehow goes one better and earns the maximum possible rating here. It breaks down as 99 Contact, 99 Contact R, 99 Reaction, 90 Fielding, and 88 Arm Strength. Ridiculous. Six other players also crack the 90 mark, with Anthony Rendon settling into second place behind Arenado. He nabs 93 Contact R, 91 Contact L, 90 Power L, and 81 Reaction.


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Mike Trout (CF, Angels) 99
Aaron Judge (RF, Yankees) 97
Cody Bellinger (RF, Dodgers) 96
Mookie Betts (RF, Dodgers) 95
Ronald Acuna Jr (CF, Braves) 94
Christian Yelich (RF, Brewers) 94
Giancarlo Stanton (LF, Yankees) 92
Bryce Harper (RF, Phillies) 91
Joey Gallo (LF, Rangers) 91
JD Martinez (LF, Red Sox) 90

Only two center fielders manage ratings of 90 or over this year: Atlanta speedster Roberto Acuna Jr, and LA Angels’ unconquerable Mike Trout. His ratings include 90 Contact R, 99 Power R, 89 Arm Strength, 85 Reaction, and 83 Fielding. Top-ranked RF Aaron Judge is similarly drool-worthy, packing 95 Power R, 95 Power L, 99 Reaction and 97 Arm Strength, for a 97 OVR. There’s a bit of a drop to the best left-fielder, however: Giancarlo Stanton’s OVR is 92, although he does serve up 99 Power L and 90 Contact L.

Short stop

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Javier Baez (Cubs) 92
Trevor Story (Rockies) 92
Francisco Lindor (Indians) 89
Fernando Tatis Jr (Padres) 86
Adalberto Mondesi (Royals) 85
Marcus Semien (Athletics) 85
Carlos Correa (Astros) 85
Trea Turner (Nationals) 85
Andrelton Simmons (Angels) 84
Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox) 83

Fielding abilities are crucial at the short stop position, but these boys can all bat too. Up at the top Javier Baez brings ratings of 87 Contact L and 86 Power L to the Cubs line-up, while Rockies home run blaster Trevor Story packs 91 Contact L and 87 Power L. Andrelton Simmons’ 99 Fielding rating makes him the most accomplished out-getter in the game. 


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JT Realmuto (Phillies) 90
Yasmani Grandal (White Sox) 90
Roberto Perez (Indians) 87
Gary Sanchez (Yankees) 85
Willson Contreras (Cubs) 85
Mitch Garver (Twins) 84
Buster Posey (Giants) 83
Tom Murphy (Mariners) 82
Christian Vazquez (Red Sox) 82
Mike Zunino (Rays) 81
Salvador Perez (Royals) 81
Alex Avila (Twins) 81

A sub-par year behind the plate, as has been the case for the past couple of seasons. JT Realmuto and Yasmani Grandal are the two outliers. The Phillies stopper scores 91 Arm Strength and 75 Fielding, while Grandal earns 89 Fielding, 86 Reaction, and 80 Power L. The Twins are surely cheating somehow, with two of the top 12 catchers on their books.

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