MLB Power Pros game announced

A new baseball game, MLB Power Pros, based on the best selling Power Pro Baseball series in Japan, has been announced by 2K Sports and Konami. The game is set to be released in the Fall of 2007 for both the Wii and PS2 consoles. Not to be confused with other strictly realistic MLB titles, the game will offer an easy to pick up and instant (well, except for load times) fun experience.

The game uses the well developed - yet relatively unknown in America - Power Pro character art style. Pros will be represented with toy-like figurines and be identifiable through their comically exaggerated facial expressions and hair styles. Just how funny will this game be? Imagine one of those sketch artists at the theme park, who drawfunny pictures of you and your friends for $5, drawing all of your favorite baseball players and putting them into a game. Then imagine playing MLB Power Pros. Yeah, it's gonna be that good. Unless you think that sucks. Fun-hater.

August 8, 2007