MK vs DC: MK story revealed!

Yesterday we hit you with the entire Heroic versionof Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe’s saga, and there was nary a dry eye left on the internet. So today, you’re being rewarded with the remaining Mortal Kombatants’ side of the tale. All will be revealed, although in a much more serious manner than in Kombat’s past. Raiden’s Choice stands out among the many emotionally stirring vignettes, but it’s the scene where Baraka comes out to his family that’ll leave you gasping for air. Pardon our blurb but... Scorpion to Oscar: “Get over here!”

Above: “Batman started it!”

Silliness aside, this is some of the most watchable madness you’re likely to see this year, so get in the spirit! Pull up a chair, break out the popcorn topped with Grenadine and bask in the closest thing gaming has to Tora! Tora! Tora!. We’d like to tell you heads are gonna roll, but the game’s Teen rating legally prevents us from doing so.

Nov 20, 2008

See what happens from the DC heroes’ perspective.

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