MK vs DC: DC story revealed!

The biggest question percolating the internets since the announcement of MK vs DC Universe is: Why? After extensive research, we%26rsquo;ve safely concluded the answer was %26ldquo;money.%26rdquo; But the more fascinating query was: How? How exactly do you end up with Green Lantern and Flash throwin%26rsquo; bows with the likes of Lui Kang and Kano on the sunny brink of IP oblivion?

Above: A scene from Riding in Cars with Batman

Because no one wants logic or plausibility to get in the way of your Holiday game purchase, we%26rsquo;ve got the answers embedded right here with every single storied cinema captured to perfection. And it all makes total sense too %26ndash; just like Rashomon with tights and Fatalities!

Today we%26rsquo;re focusing on the DC side of the story, but check back tomorrow for the MK perspective.

Nov 19, 2008