Miyamoto was "worried" over Zelda DS controls

Although there's no doubt that Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has always looked good, fans have been concerned that the new stylus-only control system might spoil the game, and Mr. Miyamoto admits that he was, too.

"When we decided to develop a Zelda title for the DS, we wanted it to be a fun game with the essence of the DS," the Zelda daddy explains. However, he goes on to confess: "we were worried whether we could make a good Zelda game that used the stylus control scheme of the DS."

But his worries are now gone, of course, as he goes on to explain how well the new control system works to simplify things for newer gamers to comprehend. "If you want to try something, you just need to touch the screen with the stylus; it's very intuitive."

And seasoned fans will have plenty to look forward too, he says. "A message to the Zelda fans: I think the Zelda series has evolved throughout the years. This game is no exception. We've changed the gameplay mechanics and it makes the game fresh and fun."

Hisfull rant (opens in new tab)is in Japanese, but you can read a handy translation over onThehylia.com (opens in new tab).

June 18, 2007